Roberta Barg's Story

Roberta Mae Portewig was born in 1931 in Stanwood, Iowa. Growing up on a farm and numerous fishing and hunting outings with her family instilled in her a love of animals and the outdoors at a very early age. According to her mother she also had an unusual talent for drawing even when she was very young. Graduating from Stanwood High School in 1949, she went on to pursue a degree in art at Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa where she graduated in 1953.

Her early career involved several years in the field of commercial art. Working in the art department of several major department stores in Cedar Rapids and creating commercial signs taught her the importance of strong composition, and developed an amazing attention to detail in her work.

In 1955 she married Truman Kadlec and had two daughters. Truman passed away unexpectedly of a sudden heart attack at the very early age of 33. Roberta then continued to pursue her art career from her home, working in both commercial and wildlife art.

In 1970 she married Kenneth Barg and in 1977 the couple retired to the beautiful northwoods of Wisconsin, an ideal location for an enthusiastic wildlife artist. In the 1980's Roberta and her husband owned and operated Aman & Barg's Gallery North with close friends Fred and Mary Aman. Fred was a wildlife artist and an accomplished bronze sculptor. The gallery also displayed the work of many other northwoods wildlife artists and offered custom framing as well.

Shortly after her husband was diagnosed with severe emphysema, Gallery North closed its doors and Roberta opened a small gallery and framing business in her home on Camp 12 Lake outside of Eagle River, where many visitors enjoyed not only the artwork, but the warm hospitality and serene lakeside setting.

Over the years Roberta was the recipient of many local, state and national awards and a featured artist in many publications. Nature was an indispensable part of her life and she gave much of her tie and talents to numerous organizations devoted to the care and preservation of wildlife and its natural habitat.


Sadly, Roberta was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 2005 and passed away on November 1, 2010. She is greatly missed by many, but her legacy lives on in her paintings.

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